Machine Learning: Fight Smarter Not Harder

Multi-layer neural network.

Brains are cool. Computers are cool. Over the past several decades people have looked at creating a computer "brain" and boy were the researchers successful. Neural networks, or as I like to call them "computer brains" have come a long way and are something I am very interested in. Being able to add abstract learning to a computer is strange. Being able to "teach" a computer has been done for the past years without a problem but for me to sit down and try to do it is mindbogglingly complex.

Sadly I haven't had much free time to write this week and so I will only quickly skim the surface and direct you to a great video to talk about the neural networks that I am going to be studying.

I found this guy on YouTube and think his content is great. I am following along through his tutorials. Here is a link to his video and to my playlist that I am slowly building about ECE topics that interest me. You can check the videos out here.

The tools he will be using are TensorFlow by Google and python. My suggestion for a great python IDE would be PyCharm. I only recently discovered it but I am really enjoying it. Easy to setup, easy to use and looks really clean. I had previously been coding my python work using eclipse with the python plugin but it felt very clunky to me. You can check out the Community version of PyCharm for free here. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and it is fantastic.

I have been wanting to use neural networks for both image processing and adaptive filtering (I am a huge nerd, go ahead and laugh) since they are both things that interest me.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be learning how to use all of the software and then passing it on to you guys. If you have any specific request of things you want explained I will take a look at them!


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