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Ongoing Linux Cheatsheet

Reference For Me, Reference For You? I often find myself using certain commands on semi-regular basis. Not regular enough to remember but enough to know what I am looking for. This is my list of snippets that others might find useful. I will do my best to update this from time to time. On a side note, I primarily use Ubuntu 18.04 (20.04 upgrade will likely happen when it comes out). I occasionally use distros other than Ubuntu but they are typically Debian based. Variables that you want to alter will be denoted as $VAR_NAME. Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash Connecting To Wifi Using CLI - This uses the command line version of NetworkManager (nmcli) - Obviously you need to know your network name and password - Determine your network interface with ' nmcli device status '. Four columns will be displayed. Find wifi in the Type column and then the associated Device name is the interface name. Commands:  nmcli d wifi connect $NAME password $PASSWORD iface