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HackerRank: Slithering In To Your Brain

Programming is becoming more and more common profession as years go by. As more people become reliant on technology, people want things better, faster and with more bells and whistles. Hardware can only go so far to improve user experience, leaving this burden in the hands of software engineers and developers. Since the internet is a massive entity that contains virtually all of mankind's knowledge it can be very daunting to try and learn something online. I have struggled with this myself. When I was 13, I wanted to learn how to code in C/C++ so I could use an Arduino that my dad gave me. Having to wade through the mass amounts of information online was tedious. This was in the early years of  Arduino so documentation and tutorials were much harder to come by and often frustrating as they lacked structure.  After tearing my hair out I finally managed to put together a few simple circuit. Clap your hands to turn on LED, start a fan when it is too hot, turn on the lig

Honolulu: A Powerful Experience

Photo: Top of Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii I was recently in Hawaii for my honeymoon with my dear, darling wife. Being an electrical engineering student I got thinking about how Hawaii would actually end up getting their electricity. Being a remote island would give some interesting When my plane was landing in Honolulu International Airport I was able to see something not that shocking; hundreds if not thousand of solar panels on building everywhere. Both residential and commercial building were completely loaded with solar panels. Being in a sunny tropical location I was less than surprised. Once we had gotten all settled in to our hotel I decided to start looking at what options the islands had except for solar. I was expecting maybe some geothermal since they are a volcano-ridden island. My expectation of their main power source was nuclear. Some research showed me that they are getting the majority of their power from petroleum (+80%) but have more and more solar being