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Procrastinating: Using The Internet To "Study"

Exams at my university are ending and I have found so many ways to procrastinate this year. Being a student the most important thing to learn is how to waste your precious youth, right? Here are some of my favourite sites to kill time when I don't feel like being productive. Don't worry. Everybody needs to "study" from time to time. 1. StumbleUpon This site for me is definitely a staple in my efforts to procrastinate. I have a wide variety of interests and StumbleUpon (SU) allows me to browse everything at once. Finding pages you like may take a some tweaking to your preferences but eventually it will only be great page after great page. I can easily kill a few hours on SU. It is a filtered version of Reddit. The pages you may see anything from videos, music, games or articles. It all comes down to what interests you.  Check it out here . 2. HackerRank Depending on what courses I am currently taking in university I may or may not use

Zesty Zapus: Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu 17.04

Last week Canonical released another beautiful OS: Ubuntu 17.04, Zesty Zapus. Sporting Unity 7, Zapus has one of the smoothest user interfaces I have used on an Ubuntu release. Though Unity and the hopes of Ubuntu smartphones and tablets has disappeared this release is still a great user experience. Here are a few things that I have been enjoying and would strongly recommend to other users.  If you are new to linux, take a look  here  to learn how to install Ubuntu on your computer! 1. Update and Upgrade One of the first things to do for both security and performance improvement will be upgrade your operating system. This will ensure that things will continue to work smoothly. Updating can be done by opening your launcher and typing in and launching the "Software Updater". Alternatively this can be done through the terminal by clicking CTRL + ALT + T and typing in the following: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade 2. Install 3rd Pa

Ubuntu: From Herons to Zapuses

Open source is a rather interesting concept in a modern world of pay to play and expensive software. Free Open Source Software (FOSS) serves as an oasis for the digital community to get their hands on high quality software for free. There are no expensive licences or monthly fees, simply software that works (most of the time). When I was around younger I remember my father letting me have the oldest family computer. It was an old Pentium III that would have been running Windows 95. My inherited computer had a major drawback: no operating system was installed on the hard drive. This is what brought on my first exposure to the open source community. My dad had used linux back in the 90s and had suggested we take a look at potentially installing that instead of an old version of windows. After doing some research and talking to a family friend who extensively uses linux, we settled with Ubuntu as our distro of choice. I believe that the first install was Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04).