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Artful Aardvark: Ubuntu 17.10 Tips and Tricks

Every 6 months I get excited. REALLY excited. My friends and wife may roll their eyes as I approach fan girl screaming over the latest Ubuntu release. I have been using Ubuntu as my main OS since Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). They may no longer play their beautiful login sound (listen here ) but all around have dramatically improved. 17.10 is a big release. It is one of the first major change to the operating system since Canonical changed from Gnome 2 to Unity. This release has Canonical swapping Unity for Gnome 3 and I am not quite sure how I feel about it so far. I realise there will always be the "it is new just give it a try" but the new GUI just feels a lot more clunky to me so far. Out of the box I find 17.10 to be much clunkier than any recent release. At least there are some ways to improve. 1. Install Updates! I used to get annoyed when every list ever said to update. For a young release this is really important. Normally Canonical releases really well mad

Leaf Me Alone: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

UBUNTU 17.10 IS COMING OUT SO SOON! Short post today but I will do a longer post next week focusing on the beautiful new operating system that is getting released. I am really sorry about the posting dry-spell of late. I have been immensely busy with school work and training. You could go so far as to describe my life with the following pseudocode: > location = &Alex; > self_approval = 0; > > if (location == school) || (location == judo); >     self_approval = 1; // hooray! > > else >     self_approval = 0; // GET BACK TO WORK I finally have a course at school where I get to formally learn about Artificial Intelligence. My university has graduate level courses that are about AI for electrical engineers but until this year had no undergraduate courses for ECE students. The course is looking at pattern recognition and data processing and so far it has been fantastic. AI has been an interest of mine for a while but I always have found it hard to