Slashdot: News For Nerds, Stuff That Matters

Several weeks ago, the professor who is supervising me for the summer and I were talking about technology. This is to be expected since he is an ECE professor and I am an ECE student. It started as a run of the mill conversation until we somehow managed to get on the topic of why my supervisor always needed to have an RSS feed on his mobile devices. He insisted on the RSS feed to have easy access to Slashdot.

When my supervisor first mentioned Slashdot I wondered what it was. A quick google search and some reading showed that it is the eloquent sibling of Reddit. Not to bash Reddit too hard but it can sometimes be hard to wade through the heaping pile of garbage that can be collect in a Reddit thread.

There isn't an up/down-voting system but the content is definitely of a higher quality than Reddit. You can usually tell a post is of a higher quality by the number of comments. The comment counter takes the visual place of the up-vote counter on Reddit.

Slashdot may have a gaudy green-blue theme but once you get past it you will realise how great it is. The company slogan is "News for nerds, stuff that matters".

Users can browse through the Slashdot website directly or easily through Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. Besides the great content from SlashDot, it also seems to have content being posted ahead of the curve.

Content on Slashdot does have anything from hardware to kernels and anything else tech related you can think of. AND it all comes in a nice, clean package.

Sorry for the short post this week, I am getting ready for school and trying to sort out some stuff for an exciting project I am working on. Hopefully I can talk about next week.


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