IFTTT: Automating Your Daily Life

How many social media or productivity tools do you use? One? Two? Three? Five? Nine? I always get frustrated with so much to do and so little time. There is little I hate more than having to do easy, repetitive tasks. With the Internet of Things (IoT) getting more and more popular it will only be harder to stay up to date on all the information and systems that you have.

Thankfully there is a magical things called "IFTTT".  No this isn't the inverse fast Fourier transform (IFFT). What IFTTT standards for is "IF This Then That". The system does just precisely what its name states. If a certain criteria is met, a certain action is then completed. 

I hate backing up my photos from my phone. I would like them available on all of my devices. They have a "recipe" for that. Every picture I take will get backed up to a folder in my Google Drive.

The recipes that I use are to synchronize my social media posts. Nothing really fancy but it does save on having to repost across multiple sites. If you aren't using IFTTT, you should be. They connect anything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Android, YouTube, Google Assistant and many Google products. 

I find it hard to describe just how good this site is. One of my classmates suggested it to me this past fall and I absolutely love it. It has something for everybody. You name a function and it probably already exists. If it doesn't then you can make it!

Do almost everything faster. Embrace your computer overlords. Check it out here.


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