Git Good: Hilarious Repositories

This past week at work I finally had a reason to sit down and start learning how to use Git. So far this summer I have written large amounts of code for a control system which will be used to perform antenna and RF testing.

One of my room mates (and coworker) is currently working on a massive software project which is really cool. I don't want to talk to much about it since it is a work in progress but he suggested I start using git for version control. I was hesitant at first since my system for version control wasn't too bad. BUT I don't regret learning to use git. Hopefully I can have my him talk about his software project in the coming weeks.

Upon starting using GitHub to host my repository I decided to take a look around and see what I could find for interesting software. So I decided to compile a list of my top few repositories currently available.

Passwords for the Manly Man

Creating passwords can be hard. Creating secure passwords can be even more difficult. Why not have a badass sounding password that is as secure as it is cool sounding?

Some of the better generated passwords I got were:


Next time your friends ask for your password to your Netflix account, whip out a manly password to impress them all! Watch your chesthair and beard grow with every password you change!

Check out there website here:

And their GitHub here:


Who doesn't want to sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger with his signature catch phrases. We all can admit that though they were cheesy, his 80s action movies were pretty iconic. Fortunately we have been blessed with a GitHub repository that allows us to program as Arnold speaks. Bring on ArnoldC.

This beautiful repo uses Arnold's one liners for actual programming. Examples are as follows:

False:      I LIED
True:       NO PROBLEMO
Else:        BULLSHIT
Return:    I'LL BE BACK
EndMethodDeclaration:    HASTA LA VISTA, BABY

The example of hello world is given on their wiki and looks like this:

TALK TO THE HAND "hello world"

So all in all this makes me laugh every time I try and learn any of it or try and pretend to write some code with it. You can check out the repository to acquire this beautiful language.

GitHub Repository:

Put Me On A Watchlist

Ever wanted to feel special? Like somebody is watching your move because you are a person of interest? Now with a simple python script you should be able to!

In a beautiful 126 lines (in the current version, subject to change) you can start to have your internet monitored! How this script works is it will take a pre-made sketchy list of queries, some examples follow:

'how to make a dirty bomb'
'how to become a terrorist'
'how to hire contract killer'
'how to buy drugs via tor'
'buy guns on tor'

The list goes on, there is I think a total of 81 terrible searches that the script will do for you. The beauty of it being open source is that you can even add your own! Share it with your friends!

Get yourself monitored by checking it out in the link below. Maybe just from looking at this post you might get monitored?

GitHub Repository:


Though this may seem in essence to be a similar tool to ArnoldC it still remains a very powerful tool. The slogan for the language reflects their true intentions. "Make Python great again".

This is a modified version of Python with many added features to improve functionality.

- All programs must end with 'America is great.'
- The entire language is completely case insensitive
- Instead of True and False, the keywords are Fact and Lie

This list goes on and on so I will simply show you the provided sample code from the project:

What are we in this country
Hillary speaks nothing but lies
But look at me I came to this election to make guys
believe again
believe in fact
if, all of us real lies the light; : say "VOTE TRUMP" !
but I know we should be free
else the result will be bad: all the work of George
Washington was for nothing
so this election say "Hello World" say "TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT"!
America is great.

GitHub Repository:

These projects I all find to be absolutely hilarious. Any other great GitHub repositories I missed? Leave a comment below!


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