August 10: Beautiful Music Videos

Despite usually being an auditory experience music can also come with an equally wonderful visual experience. With everybody and their dog trying to make it big on YouTube there has been a massive emergence of beautiful music videos. There are some fantastic live-action videos but for this list I am looking at animated videos only. I even decided to save you all the convenience of having to search for the videos or going link by link and made a YouTube playlist. IF you do want to thank my just comment your favourite video.

You can find the playlist here. I will also link the titles of the videos to their respective clips.

10. She Wants Me Dead by Cazzette

This song makes it on the list but just barely. I like the song and the music video is pretty good. I remember some kids shows I used to watch having a similar art-style. 

9.  Jenny by Studio Killers

This is the song I found to discover the Studio Killers. I like some of their other songs but this one has an interesting art style and catchy tune.

8. Anvil by Lorn

First thing that popped into my head when watching this video was TRON. Ironically I haven't seen the complete movie but I think we can all try and see the similarities in style. The story on this one is pretty weird. After watching it a few times I got some ideas but feel like I am reading too much into it.

7. The Wolf by Siam├ęs

I swear I don't only like black and white music videos. This one just happened to have some cool animations for doges that I wanted to share. Song is great, artist is great. I was really glad that YouTube suggested this one to me. 

WUT. IS. THIS. Song is catchy and the music video will have you saying "what the hell?" for the next ten minutes. 5/7 would watch again. 

I wish that somebody would create a story to go with the music video because it would be really cool. There is obviously no background information on the clip but the story is still pretty meaningful. 

Sad Asian astronaut is sad. I am always impressed with how much plot can be jammed into five minutes or less. 

3. Rasputin by Boney M (Remix)

Disco music can make pretty much anybody dance. Even Putin. Boney M.'s classic Rasputin gets revamped and stuck onto a music video for a far inferior song. They technically don't belong together but I think they should be seen together. 

Synchronised head bouncing meets a heart throbbing story. The characters remind me of Scooby Doo. The story is great and the music is REALLY catchy. Good luck getting this one out of your head.

1. Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

This is one of my favourite recently discovered music videos. The way the animators created all the characters is fantastic. 

What is your favourite video? Leave a comment!


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