YouTube Music: Streams and Mixes for Work or Play

Being productive is hard. Working is hard. I find listening to music makes me way more productive and makes time fly by. As a result I listen to a lot of music. Often times I get frustrated listening to the same 50 songs and so I have started relying more and more on YouTube streams and mixes.

As opposed to Spotify, there is no ads on the streams (sometimes on the mixes) I use which makes it even better! No interruption for some silly drink ad every 30 minutes, just beautiful music all the time.

1. Lofi Hip Hop Radio by Chillhop Music

This is one of my two main streams or mixes that I listen to on a daily basis. Very relaxing and can easily be thrown on in the background to drown out noise. Chillhop also has a large amount of their music downloadable for free from their bandcamp site.

Free stream, free music download (yes, they are legal!) and high quality? What isn't to love!?

2. Lofi Hip Hop Radio by ChilledCow

Another great Lofi hip hop radio station on YouTube. This one is more upbeat than Chillhop but does have the odd song that I don't like. The music does also include some lyrics or speech samples from time to time but generally in good taste and moderation.

3. Ghibli Jazz Bossa Nova Mix by Cafe Music BGM

Do you like Ghibli? The real question is why wouldn't you love Ghibli? The stories are great, the animation is great and most of all the music.

This mix is around three and a half hours long of nothing but piano, guitar and bass playing covers of Ghibli music with a fresh taste of bossa nova!

4. 6 Hours of The Best Beethoven by JaBig

Classical music is something that greatly interests me. I spent over a decade studying classical piano and so it remains a large part of my musical interest. This compilation is absolutely spectacular. It has helped me make it through studying for many an exam.

The title is pretty self explanatory but I cannot emphasise how great this mix is. Kick back with a book, a nice pair of headphones and just relax!

5. Best of Synthwave - Enjoy Summer (Mix Part 1) by Gelbar

This is only part one of a much longer mix. I believe there is a total of 5 hour and a half mixes of nothing but synth-wave. This is good to relax but also for work. It isn't too fast to distract you and is repetitive enough to stay in the background of your mind.


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