Games You Might Miss: Three Flashbacks To the Past

Every so often I log off Steam and decide to relive a small part of my childhood. It may be for the nostalgia, it may be because I am bored of the games in my Steam library but ultimately it is to enjoy the atrocity that is many flash games.

1. Swords and Sandals II

This game will definitely go down as one of my favorite flash games of all time. This game is grungy, has terrible sound effects and absolutely no plot except for a cut-scene that tells you your name. Surprisingly it still has great game-play and is a great way to dump many hours.

If you end up having a tough time with the game and want to gain an advantage, type two commas in as your name. After changing your character name click on "randomise" five times or so and then your character will be given starting armour and better stats which you can then adjust.

It is hosted on a ton of different sites but I would suggest playing on Flashbored since it has the full version and works consistently. It also has cheats enabled if you want to see what monstrosities can be produced. Play it here.

2. Commando Series

When I was a kid I always had minimal amounts of time on the computer and little to no access to games like Call of Duty or other shooter games. Though this isn't a first-person shooter it is one of my favourite 2D shooters.

The game plays like an 80s action movie. The audio has guns that go "PEW! PEW!" with the cliche scream when people get shot. I did play this as a kid but recently tried to again. Much harder than I remember. The controls for the game are a little different than I normally like for sidescrollers but you quickly adapt to the controls.

Shamefully I will admit that I have no idea how long the game is to complete since I have never managed to complete it. That being said I did try very hard to beat it during my childhood.

You can check this game out on Miniclip here.

3. Heli Attack Series

This ladies and gentlemen is the pinnacle of flash gaming. No point to the game other than killing EVERYTHING. Kinda like Doom for kids and not in hell.

You start with a pistol with unlimited ammo. Then you get more guns with less ammo that do different things. Shoot things, don't die and eventually you get to a level where the enemies never stop coming. All of this is AFTER going through 10-15 levels of trying not to die.

Best of luck to you playing this game. Comment your best score on the last level! Check it out on Miniclip here.

Honourable Mentions and Other Sites:

Great Games:
- 3 Foot Ninja
- Impossible Quiz
- SAS Zombie Assault 2

Other Sites:

Did I miss anything? Comment with suggestions and I will check them out!


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